Company history

In 1946, our advisor Gerhard Shrek imported machine tools and tools mainly from Germany and Austria as an aid to the development of postwar Japan at Asia Industrial Co., Ltd.
After that, the industrial machinery division of Vogel Japan Co., Ltd., which contributed greatly to Japanese industry such as cold rolling mills and other horizontal continuous casting machines and annealing furnace plant business, and has inherited the business by dismantling Asian industry to this day. Established at Sunvision Co., Ltd. for the purpose of continuing and developing its historic business and continuing to serve users by abolishing its business and canceling the contract with SUNDWIG with Vogel Japan Co., Ltd. It is a thing.


Company name SUN VISION CO., LTD.
Establishment July 15, 1998
Capital 10 million yen
Address Kuramae AT Building Kuramae 4-21-9,
Taito-ku TOKYO, JAPAN ZIO 111-0051
Directors President   Hitoshi Tanigawa
Officer        Takashi Haga
                  Matsuko Watanabe
                  Ayako Tanigawa
                  Yoshinori Wada
Bank MUFG Bank Nippori Branch

Business contents

①Cold rolling mill for nonferrous metals, casting machines for nonferrous metales operation and maintenance

②Re-railling system for railway,Auxiliart Tow-Truckand others

③Non-contact measurement device for rail and wheel, rail fastening system and others

④Non-contact measurement device for automotive

⑤Non-contact measurement device for steel plant

⑥Acoustic Cameras (Sound Imaging)

⑦Construction, maintenance, consultant